Case studies
August 20, 2021

CASE STUDY: Finding a safe home for a family of six

20 October 2021

Suddenly homeless, Vhu* and her four children arrived at Kara House with absolutely nothing and nowhere to go.

Vhu, 41 contacted Kara Family Violence Service, saying she was Vietnamese and needed an interpreter. We re-contacted Vhu with a phone interpreter, and she informed us she and her four children had been evicted from her house. Vhu’s husband, following years of abuse
towards Vhu and the eldest daughter, walked out of the house three weeks previously and had not returned.

Vhu’s home was a private rental in her husband’s name and her husband had been issued a Notice to Vacate due to rental arrears. Vhu had no knowledge this was happening. Vhu told us she was currently staying with a friend, and her four children were dispersed amongst other friends. Vhu disclosed she was 24 weeks pregnant but had not told anyone. Vhu had no money and nowhere to go.

While our core business is specialist family violence services, we work closely with several housing services, and contacted them hoping there may be a vacant transitional property available. Finding safe and affordable housing in Melbourne is incredibly difficult, especially for larger families with a very limited income.

Luckily after many phone calls we had success and were offered a property. We were able to reunite Vhu and her children and relocate them to a safe area. Kara Family Violence Service continues to support families like Vhu’s during their tenancy and if needed.

Case management commenced, with Vhu’s antenatal care being a priority. Kara Family Violence Service material aid provisions included clothing packs for all the family, home and cultural cooking pack, linen packs and food hampers. Vhu has been linked with Centrelink, and we have liaised with the children’s schools. Using donated funds, we were able to provide laptops for the children to continue remote learning.

A children’s assessment has been completed and the summary indicated the children have been traumatised by the abusive environment they had been living in. Medical and counselling appointments have been made for the children. Despite the trauma this family has endured, they are now safe, they are resilient, and are now looking forward to the birth of the baby.
*names changed

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