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June 16, 2022

Our new Crisis Accommodation is ready to welcome clients

16 June 2022

Located in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs, it will offer secure and safe accommodation for people impacted by family violence and in need of relocation to ensure their safety. The site was built by the Victorian Government in response to the 2015 Royal Commission into family violence that recognised the shared refuge model was not conducive to the recovery of victim survivors. One of the many recommendations was to rebuild every refuge right across Victoria into the new core and cluster model – providing separate units for each client or family group with a central “core” for clients to meet and receive assistance.

The site is made up of six separate units to suit different client groups
• 2 x one-bedroom units
• 1 x two-bedroom disability unit
• 3 x three-bedroom units

Each unit offers large kitchen, dining and lounge areas, spacious bedrooms, as well as an outdoor courtyard or private balcony.

There are office and meeting spaces to meet with clients
• Office space
• Meeting and interview rooms
• Multipurpose room
• Outdoor courtyards
• Children’s play area and courtyard
• Overnight sleepover room

New and secure meeting rooms and outdoor courtyards will afford team privacy when meeting and working with clients one-on-one. A sleepover room will provide team members with a comfortable space to stay overnight enabling Kara FVS to offer 24/7 support for clients in residence.

The multipurpose room will be open for clients during the day, with access to a children’s play area, library, kitchen, and computers. It will be also used to facilitate activities like cooking, art and specialist children’s groups. The new Crisis Accommodation provides a safe and secure environment that is purpose built to respond to the specific needs of victim survivors.

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